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Our Mission:

Great War Replica Aircraft’s mission is to provide the amateur builder with highest quality plans to build their choice of a full sized replica of some of the most famous, best performing, and most widely used multi and single place aircraft from the First World War and the Golden Age between the wars.

The Great War Replica Aircraft offerings are being expanded to include more and more designs from the “Between the Wars” period.

Read on and learn how you can build and fly one of these wonderful aircraft for yourself. 

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Sopwith Aviation Company, Snipe production line. Circa 1918

Great War Replica Aircraft General Arrangement drawing of our flagship offering of the full sized Bristol F.2b replica.

Original Bristol  Factory F.2b profile detail drawing

Original Bristol Factory F.2b front view

Bristol and Colonial Aeroplane Company F.2b factory floor, Filton Works, Bristol, UK. Circa 1917

The Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

The Fairey Fox  1927 Fast Day Bomber

Flying Full Scale Replica aircraft from the Great War and Golden Age....